RHOBH: Stick a Silver Spoon It–The Season is OVER!


I feel dirty after this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It might be time for Bravo to throw in the towel on this season. We all enjoy crazy-fun people, but crazy-sad people leave us feeling disgusted with ourselves for watching.

A crazy-fun person is someone who likes to drink a little bit too much, shoots their mouth off and does a lot of smooshing—think Snooki. A crazy-sad person is physically abused, in constant need of approval and desperate to be rich—think Taylor.


As the show presses on, Taylor is looking more and more tragic. This week Taylor admits to Kim her biggest fear is being poor. Such an admission is very telling; it would explain why Taylor was resistant to leave her alleged abusive husband, whom she feared would hurt her daughter. And one might assume the only reason Taylor filed for divorce was to milk her husband for every last penny when she discovered his finances were going south.

Since Russell can’t posthumously provide his side of the story we’re solely left with Taylor’s perspective of the tumultuous relationship. Taylor does her best each week to be the martyr leaving the ladies clear innuendoes she was abused at the hands of her husband. But that’s only one side of the story. We will never get to hear from Russell on his thoughts of the marriage.

It's my "daughter's" party! ;)

Taylor’s constant need for approval and acceptance for herself at the expense of her family, or just about anyone else in her life, is sickening. The turning point for me was last season when Taylor had a birthday party for her 5-year-old daughter costing $60,000. The birthday was an extravagant dinner party for Taylor to impress her hoity toity rich friends under the guise it was a magnanimous gesture from a mother to her daughter. Significantly more adults attended the party than children, and when dinner was ready to be served the 5-year-old birthday girl couldn’t be found. But that didn’t stop Taylor from making a birthday toast to her daughter and dining on a sumptuous dinner, all the while, her daughter was playing with a few friends on a small patch of dirt.

On top of Taylor’s questionable mothering skills, we learn Taylor has a “drinking” problem. According to Kyle, Taylor’s one glass of wine, the extreme warmth of the hot tub, and Denver’s thin air led to Taylor’s abnormal behavior at dinner. Taylor’s excessive “drinking” resulted in paranoia (accusing the ladies of stealing her makeup bag and worried she would be portrayed as the “crazy lady”), mood swings (laughing one minute, crying the next), erratic behavior (hiding in a suitcase), loss of appetite and her overall unhealthy weight.

Kyle’s acute medical diagnosis of Taylor’s erratic behavior and physical appearance is quite astonishing. A person of average intelligence might not have been able to correlate the effect of mixing alcohol, hot water and a high altitude with having the same side effects on a person as cocaine abuse. One might have “erroneously” accused Taylor of being strung out on drugs.

Some one adopt me--Please!!!

Given Taylor’s questionable integrity, it’s quite unfair we only get to hear her lopsided account of the disastrous marriage that ended in Russell’s suicide. Russell was not tried in a court of law–just the court of public opinion. The more I watch the RHOBH the clearer it becomes to me that Taylor is in it for herself and no one else, not even her daughter. It’s time to cancel this season of the RHOBH not for what Russell did, but for what Taylor is doing.

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