Abercrombie & Fitch Models Aren’t So Bright

Aspiring A&F Model Benjamin Bowers sues his former employer.

Thank God! Having devastatingly good looks, chiseled bodies and brains to boot—would be a bit too much. Can’t say all A&F models didn’t ace their SATs, but Benjamin Bowers sure didn’t. This buff beauty who formerly stood guard in front his local A&F without his shirt is accusing his employer of sending him to a perverted photographer.

According to TMZ, an A&F casting director referred Bowers to a modeling agent named Brian Hilburn. Hilburn convinced Bowers to fly to Jackson, Mississippi for a photo shoot. [Red Flag Alert: Who the fuck goes to Mississippi for a photo shoot?]

Brian Hilburn Model Agent/Photographer – Clearly a RED FLAG!

The suit claims the agent asked Bowers to masturbate in the buff to achieve a completely relaxed looked for his portfolio. [Red Flag Alert: Do I even need to say why?] Bowers complied with the agent for his art, and after Bowers completed the deed, Hilburn whipped out his johnson while remarking the relative size of their penises.

After the shoot, according to TMZ, “Benjamin felt used and believes the photos were never intended to help his career … but just to give Hilburn a cheap thrill.” [Do you think?] Now the A&F beauty is suing his former employer for one million dollars for referring him to the agent.

If I understand the lawsuit correctly, Bowers has no problem with masturbating to catch that perfect expression for the camera, but only has a beef with the fact his photographer got a thrill out of watching. Is that really worth one million dollars? I think not! Maybe give him $50 – that is the going rate on rentboy.com for a masturbation with no touchy touchy.

For a smart boy, I’m surprised Bowers fell for such a dubious scheme. On his Facebook wall he quotes Robert F. Kennedy, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” I’m sure that is what he told himself when he was wanking it for his photographer. But all is not lost as the Merriam Webster dictionary now defines gullible as Benjamin Bowers.

Just a little piece of advice from me to Benjamin: If you’re asked to shoot a movie where a director wants to get you in character by playing “hide the salami,” it’s not an Indy film!


“I’m Sexy and I Know It”  [But not much else]

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7 thoughts on “Abercrombie & Fitch Models Aren’t So Bright

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  5. Dr. J

    Don’t be so quick to judge.  Bright people can be suggestable and social psychology research has demonstrated that most people will comply with the directives of authority figures, especially those who they respect or depend on.  The modeling agent may have used his position to take advantage of Mr. Bowers for purient purposes having nothing to do with the work he and Mr. Bowers were doing.  Mr. Bowers appears to be young and may not be familiar with the expectations, obligations, and responsibilities of A&F, its models, and agents.  It is not hard to imagine that after complying with the agents instructions he felt used and abused by the agent and by A&F.  He is smart emough and courageous enough to assert his legal riights thriough the courts,  and to expose what probably constitutes sexual harassment.  This may turn out to help his modeling career and not result in financial or emotional danage to Mr. Bowers, but it could also have the opposite outcome.  Perpetuating false and pejorative sterotypes with a cheap, sensationallized  headline and snarky comments does not demontrate well developed critical  thinking skills or reporting skills on the part of the author if this article.  What we have here seems to be a classic case of the writer throwing stones while living in a glass house and falling short of what is expected of a jounalist.

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