American Idol: Backlash Over Jim Carrey’s Daughter

Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane tries out for American Idol, and as expected she sails through despite her mediocre performance. Did you really think J Lo, Steven or Randy would even think of offending Hollywood heavyweight Jim Carrey by not letting his daughter through. The judges are desperate to be in the Hollywood ‘in crowd’ and Idol needs to pump up its historically low ratings.

The backlash building against Jane Carrey comes as a surprise to no one, except Idol. Idol is supposed to make a star out of an average nobody who doesn’t have major industry connections and rocket him or her to super stardom. Jane Carrey obviously has way more connections than the average nobody.

Jane a bit disingenuous herself quickly dropped her father’s name mostly like expediting her trip before the judges. If she was that good and didn’t want to be in her “father’s shadow” why not go in anonymously.

There was no reason she couldn’t have went in as an unknown. J Lo, who worked with Jim Carrey on Living Color, hasn’t seen Jane since she was 2 years-old and Carrey is something of an innocuous name (as oppose to Streisand, who everyone associates with Barbara) so why tell everyone who your father is, unless you want preferential treatment.

My bet is she will sail through to the top 24 only to be voted out by America before the big live shows. You don’t really expect Steven, J Lo or Randy to piss off Jim Carrey-after all they will need jobs in Hollywood after the show tanks.

Check out Jane Carrey’s performance and decide if she is qualified to be on Idol:

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