American Idol Gets It

Check out the transcript of the cat-fight.

Finally after all these years America Idol finally gets it right. It’s not about the contestants stupid, it’s about the judges. If we really like these contestants so much wouldn’t we be buying their albums. I know, I know what you’re saying, “Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.” Well, as the old saying goes, a broken clock is right two times a day! Did J-Lo’s 15 million dollars worth of advice get the Idol winners anywhere during her reign? It’s just not about the kids, they are a byproduct of a show that is all about the judges.

We care about what the judges’ say, their lapses in to lunacy, their caustic barbs and petty spats. If they sit there agreeing with each other like bumps on a log you’re going to have this season The X-Factor. Britney Spears appears to be in some Adderall induced haze giving useless responses which don’t go much beyond “I liked it sweetie” or “It’s a ‘no’ from me.” Really!? ‘It’s a ‘no’ from me.’ Who else is it from? How many people does she have swirling around in that head.

Britney was supposed to bring the crazy! Giving us something to talk about the next day. The X-Factor is worse this year. I would take Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger over Britney any day. At least Paula and Nicole had disagreements, would spontaneously cry, lust over the contestants and be all diva-ish. We get nothing from Britney.

American Idol finally gets it – we want drama, tension and passion with our judges. We don’t to watch a show where four people agree. If that’s the case, just fire three and save a lot of money. On this season’s Idol we are going to be forced to choose between Team Mariah (my choice) or Team Nicki. You’re going to hang on their every word waiting for the explosion to happen. It will be compelling TV.

The Voice is kicking The X-Factor ass because those judges have chemistry–you can generally tell they like each. The format of the shows forces them to compete to win. It’s fun to watch four artist with huge egos go at it. When they reject a contest they have a coherent reason–not just the simple opinion: “I didn’t like it.” The Voice one-ups The X-Factor and Idol by getting rid of the ‘joke’ contestant. It might have been original ten years ago to put a self-delusional persons on-camera to make a fool of themselves, but now it’s just plain boring. It’s more compelling to watch a person that has talent trying to compete for a chance to make it big.

Congrats to Idol for upping their game. Great work to The Voice for giving constantly good television. (Although I have to give The Voice on warning: I’m not sure I can bear Christina and Cee Lo taking a one year hiatus–it’s about the chemistry. Don’t ruin a good thing!) As for the X-Factor–it’s over.

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