American Idol: Randy Jackson Fuming Over All the Steven Tyler Lovin’?

How bad must Randy Jackson feel that all these twenty-something-year-olds are fawning all over Steven Tyler, but none seem to go for him. Not once this season has a female contestant given Randy the once over. Steven Tyler who is almost 10 years older than Randy, has suffered from years of drug abuse, is slowly morphing into the male version of Janice Dickenson and has man-boobs is still getting all the attention.

Randy has some weight issues, tires to hard to be liked and has a dreary personality, but come on! Is Steven that much more attractive than Randy.

28 year-old Erica Novak wanted to be Steven’s future ex-wife, willing to give up the entire competition for a kiss from Tyler. Steven planted a big kiss on her and she grabbed his ass. Randy played along looking like he was in on the joke, but you could see the pain deep down inside. Check Erica Novak audition:

An even younger Jenni Schick was so into Steve Tyler he is named as one of the three celebrity crushes her boyfriend would let her “kiss” (aka fuck, but cleaned up for Idol), the other two were Adam Levine and Lady Gaga. Consequently Lady Gaga, Adam Levine were on her boyfriends list as well as Ryan Seacrest (I know your judging—me too.)

The boyfriend has it right in this case, how can you go from Adam Levine to Steven Tyler—yikes! What does Randy Jackson have to do to get a chick? Jenni might have to lower her standards and sleep with Randy. It was a very rough audition, she will need all the help she can get.  Check it out:

Randy better get his groove back soon, the way the ratings are dropping Randy might not have many more chances to cash in on his fame.


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