American Idol: Ridicule and Redundant

The new season of Idol is a recycled mess of last season. The judges, of course, are all the same: Steven Tyler is still kooky, Jennifer gives absolutely useless advice and Randy Jackson is as interesting as watching paint dry.

Idol, post-Simon Cowell, is still trying to be all warm and fuzzy ditching its caustic image of years past. Basically letting the judges be spineless twits unwilling or maybe unable to be honest about a person’s true talent.

It’s permissible to be frank with contestants on a talent show, but to ridicule a contestant is down right cruel. You may think Simon was mean, but he judged a person’s talent and didn’t try to belittle them for entertainment value.

Let’s take a look at Colton Dixon’s sister’s audition to understand how Idol belittles contestants. Just a quick refresher on Colton Dixon: Colton was shockingly cut last year before the final 12 by the judges. He is a very cute kid who had mass appeal to Idol’s sweet spot audience: pre-teen girls. He is an Evangelical who heads up a Christian Rock band—basically red meat for the middle-American audience. When he got booted, Twitter was on fire with outrage and Colton trended in Twitter’s top 10, higher than any contestant, even the ones that made the top 12.

Fast forward to 2012, Colton “magnamusly” decides not to audition, conceding the spotlight to his younger sister Schyler. As soon as Schyler walks in, the judges start droning on how great Colton is, forcing Schyler to bring in her “reluctant” brother. The three buffoons poorly acted like the Idol producers didn’t prep them on Colton not auditioning. And I’m sure they were instructed to get him to audition.

Before Schyler could audition, she had to get Colton and beg him to a join her; he “begrudgingly” complies with her request. With very little coaxing, Colton auditions while the camera keeps panning to Schyler and the poor girl looks absolutely crushed—once again overshadowed by her adorably cute older brother. If Colton wasn’t so good looking, no one would ever give that kid the time a day, but it does answer the question why J Lo related to Colton so well.

Of course Colton makes it through, and Schyler does as well with the caveat from J Lo that she needs to work harder [or somehow become as hot as her brother so they can ignore her voice too]. Colton rushes over to hug all the Judges leaving his poor sister standing hug-less like she has leprosy. Poor Schyler must be thinking “Colton, Colton Colton. It’s always Colton.”

Don’t feel bad Schyler. American Idol always loves to ridicule contestants with foreign accents too, not just girls with attractive siblings. It is AMERICAN Idol after all. The next victim was Mawuena Kodjo from West Africa who couldn’t sing, but made it through so America could laugh at his accent as he is belittled by the judges.

The judges of course ridiculed Mawuena lead by Randy who laughingly said, “Dude, it was really terrible.” Mawuena, naturally, disagreed prompting Randy to challenge him to go out on the street to find some people who think he can sing. Upon doing so, Randy said he would reconsider his decision.

Ryan Seacrest escorted Mawuena around town untill he found some old white dude who thought he was a runner because he was a skinny black guy with a number on his chest. You would think the new and nicer Idol would edit out a remark like that because it might be considered racist, but they didn’t. The white guy said he liked him and a few other little girls did too. Mawuena got his chance to audition again only to be ridiculed and rejected a second time.

Americans might just be getting tired of the same old recycled Idol–its ratings were down a whopping 25 percent.


One thought on “American Idol: Ridicule and Redundant

  1. lin333

    My God,  these judges are so redundant with their comments, “We have never seen such talent”, “You are the best”, “This season is the best ever”.  What the hell?  They say the same thing every year!  Hate the judges and the acts, so why is this show still on the air?  Ratings suck, the judges minds are elsewhere (Tyler waiting to get his next fix or home to his young wife, Lopez thinking about her much younger lover and imagining what he will do to her when she gets home, and Jackson well, just yearning for more excitement).   I do not get it-the best singers are the ones who lost the title and the winners are the losers.  Look at Adam Lambert-2nd to Chris…see, can’t even remember his last name.  Take the show off the air-the best singers will find an easier way to get their voices heard. 


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