American Idol Ruins It for Beyonce

Beyonce Superbowl Lip-Syncing

That’s right! Idol ruins everything it touches. Before American Idol, it was quite acceptable to have a scantly-clad, incredibly-beautiful woman booty shaking her way to stardom without singing one word live. The era of the J Los, Beyonces, Brittneys and Madonnas has passed. All the ladies still have their legions of fans, but no one else is allowed into that exclusive club. I can’t think of a hot artist whose star has risen in the generation of American Idol who doesn’t sing live. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift have all the accoutrements and can sing live. Idol has reinvigorated the art of singing live. 

Beyonce is such a good Lip-Syncer it’s hard to tell if she ever sang live. But I do believe I found a rarefied clip where we actually hear what Beyonce sounds like live. Beyonce does a Grammys duet with old-school diva Tina Turner. Back in Tina’s day there was no such thing as lip-syncing, clearly at age 70 she is vocally out performing girls more than half her age (catch both women at the 5:05 mark):


Beyonce is not at her best live. Of course Beyonce’s fans are going to say she was pitch perfect, just like they said on inauguration day it was too cold to sing, ignoring the fact two other singers sang perfectly fine before her. But I have to say Beyonce had much more panache than Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor.

In fact when I saw Kelly Clarkson in concert there were no outfit changes, no LED backdrops and no aerial acrobats, there was nothing except for her live singing. She could have a least slipped on a meat dress or cone bra to switch it up. Kelly needed a little Beyonceification. I would have been cool with a little lip-syncing if she was on-stage gyrating with half-naked male dancers amidst pyrotechnic explosions. I need the full sensory experience at a concert.

One has to remember Beyonce did one of the most impressive AMA performances ever and I’m sure she lip-synced every word:

The problem with the inauguration is it didn’t have the trappings of a Beyonce extravaganza it required a singer who could do it live, like a Kelly Clarkson or James Taylor. On the other hand the Super Bowl Half-Time Show is a completely different event and it needs to be a Beyonce-lollapalooza complete with sequins, hair weaves, thongs, wire bouncing cupids, codpiece wearing gladiators and such. Not an appropriate event for a Kelly Clarkson or James Taylor. So lets give Beyonce her props and let he do her thing–eventually lip-syncing will be something of a bygone era. And in the great words of RuPaul my advice to Beyonce next Sunday is ‘Lip-sync for your life.’

UPDATE: Beyonce can sing!

At a Super Bowl Beyonce news conference Beyonce sang the National Anthem Live probably pissing off a lot of reports who had pages of question about lip-syncing.


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