An Olympian Might Be The Next Spidey–Someone’s Not Happy

If any picture can speak a thousand words–this one does! Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva has his sights set on being Broadway’s next Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The current Spidey, Reeve Carney, looks none too pleased to be posing with this hunky Bronze Medalist who is out for his job.

Reeve looks like he want to knock that grin right off of Danell.

Who can blame Reeve? It’s nearly impossible for an up-and-coming actor to land a plum role in such a major Broadway production. Danell, who’s been hot for 10 minutes, say’s he wants to play the role of Spider-Man and the producers are interested, according the the New York Post.

Can someone point out the obvious: Peter Parker is a nerdy teenager with a lanky build who got his powers from a spider bite. Danell Leyva is a full-grown man with bulging muscles from years in the gym. What are the producers thinking?


The Post says Danell is after one of the nine Spider-Man roles that do the bulk of the stunt work on the show. So Reeve Carney might be safe for now. But won’t it look weird to have 8 of 9 Spider-Mans looking like ripped twinks and the 9th one looking like the Incredible Hulk stuffed into a Spidey costume.

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