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Does anyone think Katy Perry’s Divorce is a Sham?

Katy Perry is poised to topple Elvis’ record for the most number ones off an album. Was her divorce conveniently planned so her latest single “The One that Got Away” can shoot to number one? Not to mention it’s called “The One that Got Away”. Somethings fishy.

More on Katy Perry: Can Katy Perry Stop Singing Kiddy Porn

X-Factor: Astro-gate

Astro in the bottom two—no effing way!  I’m not even a big fan of hip-hop music, but it’s clear as day Astro is one of the very few contenders with the X-Factor.

What’s the deal?! The X-Factor was dubbed as the second coming of American Idol, headed by its former impresario Simon Cowell. But with all its hype The X-Factor has only managed to muster a measly half of the audience American Idol achieved in 2011. Continue reading

X Factor: Judging the Judges

One of television’s great teams has been reunited after a rocky few years for both—Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul join forces again on The X Factor. Simon has the uncanny ability to give a spot-on critique wrapped in deadpan metaphors that dismays contestants but delights audiences. His caustic critiques are given in such a skilled way it doesn’t come off as mean or snide, but honest. U.S. audiences found Simon’s stodgy British frankness a refreshing change to the American mantra “every one is so great” permeating our underperforming youth. Continue reading

RHOBH: Stick a Silver Spoon It–The Season is OVER!


I feel dirty after this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It might be time for Bravo to throw in the towel on this season. We all enjoy crazy-fun people, but crazy-sad people leave us feeling disgusted with ourselves for watching.

A crazy-fun person is someone who likes to drink a little bit too much, shoots their mouth off and does a lot of smooshing—think Snooki. A crazy-sad person is physically abused, in constant need of approval and desperate to be rich—think Taylor. Continue reading

RHOBH Recap: Will Taylor Ever Get a Date Again?

The ladies from Beverly Hills take a ski trip to Beaver Creek…the reason to mourn the sale of Camille Grammer’s ski chalet brought upon by her lucrative divorce from Kelsey Grammer. In such a trying time for recently widowed Taylor Armstrong I find it crass to discuss such a trivial topic such as the loss of one of Camille’s several luxury homes. Even though the loss of a home is devastating by Beverly Hills standards, the town might actually find the loss of an alleged physically and mentally abusive husband to suicide a smidge more tragic–just a smidge. Continue reading

RHOBH Recap: Put Russell Armstrong Back In!

After watching the premiere episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–I wanted to commit suicide. It was a complete bore, Bravo put their eggs in one basket: the inevitable break of Taylor and her now deceased husband Russell. You don’t have to be a trained physiologist to deduce an attractive, well-kept, middle-aged, plastic-infused women would dump her schlub of a husband when he lost all his money. Continue reading