Barbara and Whoopi Are Money Grubbing [edited for decency]

Sandra Fluke spoke for the first time on The View since Rush Limbaugh’s apologized for referring to her as a “slut” and a “whore” for advocating insurance companies cover birth control. Before Fluke’s appearance the ladies discussed whether it was justified for sponsors to drop advertising over Limbaugh’s remarks. Both Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters both disagreed with sponsors pulling advertising from Limbaugh over his derogatory remarks.

Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh

Barbara feels the women of The View speak their mind on controversial topics, as Limbaugh does, and shouldn’t be penalized by advertisers for taking unpopular opinions. It’s quite shocking how off the mark Barbara is.

All advertisers know Limbaugh takes controversial stances. The issue is not Limbaugh stance over birth control coverage, but it’s his derogatory words used to articulate his position that got him into trouble. We live in a civil society where it is morally reprehensible to use slurs in pubic conversations. Using the words “whore” and “slut” is just as reprehensible as using the N-word. No one would accept Limbaugh using the N-word and no one should accept him using any slur as matter of public discourse.

As long as the women of The View can use intellect instead of slurs to defend their positions Barbara should not have problems with her precious advertisers.

Whoopi’s position is a little different: in 2004 Whoopi claims she made a joke about George Bush at Democratic fundraiser that got her blacklisted from the entertainment industry for 5 years. The joke, according to Whoopi, went something like this: “I love Bush, you know, I just don’t think it shouldn’t be in the White House.” She claims Republican mischaracterized her comedy set as rude and crude resulting in her being shunned from the entertainment industry.

Whoopi seems to be playing the martyr card here using the incident as a scapegoat for a slump in her career. I have a feeling if Ryan Gossling made the same joke he would still be making $10 million per movie. All that matters in the entertainment industry is that you can sell tickets and get ratings, once you can’t work dries up as it did for Whoopi..

See the Hot Topic discussion about dropping advertisers:

What is even more despicable is that Barbara and Whoopi didn’t have the courage to bring up their objections over sponsors during the Fluke interview, it was only discussed before Fluke’s segment. Ms. Fluke did however bring it up telling Whoopi their situations are not comparable stating Rush’s comment wasn’t a one time occurrence, but occurred over three days for significant portions of his show. As Ms. Fluke pointed out it’s about nuance, and clearly Limbaugh was not joking—he disagreed with her opinion and hurled slurs at her.

Barbara and Whoopie both came off as extremely self-absorbed to the point of callus. Through their clouded vision they could only see the situation as it affected them. In reality the Fluke/Limbaugh controversy has no parallels to Barbara or Whoopi and has nothing to do with free speech. It boils down to civility. As a matter of public discourse our society doesn’t permit such language to be used against another person. It’s know as humanity.

See the entire Sandra Fluke segment.

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