Brad Pitt’s Mom Responds to Bigotry with Bigotry

It’s good to know Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane Pitt, is religious. After all she won the genetic jackpot producing a son who was named the sexiest man alive twice. Mama Pitt surely has reaped the rewards of having such a famous son like a house and a stream of support checks to keep her all cozy in her narrow-minded life.

The brouhaha started when Mama Pitt responded to an opinion column written by Richard Stoecker in the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader justifying why a Christian can’t vote for a Mormon. According Mr. Stoecker, the Christians are down with Romney’s anti-abortion and anti-homosexual stances but can’t get over Mormon’s belief that the Holy Trinity is three different Gods as opposed to Christians who believe it’s one God. That’s pretty sound logic if you believe in all that crap. Plus you’re never going to win an argument with a religious fanatic so I’m not even going to try.

Richard Stoecker sure didn’t win any genetic lottery!

But Mr. Stoecker’s second reason is a bit puzzling: Mormons consider women to be inferior to men because only men are allowed to be priests. Well Roman Catholics are considered to be Christians and they don’t allow women to be priests. Why isn’t he going all Gloria Steinem on the Catholics? Why just the Mormon’s? Maybe he is a bigot? Well that is what Mr. Stoecker thought you would think, thus his reasoning for writing the column so we could understand. It didn’t help.

Mama Pitt wasn’t having it, she wrote a stern letter to the editor one upping Mr. Stoecker’s bigotry by condemning Christians who refuse to vote for a Mormon over Barack Hussein Obama who attended Jeremiah Wright’s church. We can read between the lines Mama Pitt. Any time a person writes out the president’s full name in conjunction with a Jeremiah Wright reference it reeks of racism or at least plays into it.

Was it Mama Pitt’s intention? I don’t know. But bigoted Christian’s have a tough choice this year. Vote for a black man or a church against women (a.k.a we just don’t like Mormon’s). I guess we will have to wait until November to find out who prevails. God bless.

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