Bradley Cooper as Elephant Man?


This is the flyer you get for Elephant Man on Broadway. You see the words Elephant, Giant, Enthralling and Bradley Cooper in his underwear you immediately think it’s referring to his crotch–but no! Brandy Cooper is the Elephant Man. Or maybe he is Elephant Man’s hot bloated brother?

Bradley Cooper makes a face like he’s taking a dump, gains a little weight and has peculiar limp and were suppose to buy him as the Elephant Man–come on!!


Let’s face it if Bradley Cooper actually looked like the Elephant Man and acted the way he does, he’d be collecting my garbage as we speak.

Clearly Bradley Cooper is steeling the part a way from more worthy actors like:

Gray Busey:

Bruce Jenner:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

The top ticket is going for $300. Is Bradley Cooper worth it? Maybe if he lost the 10 pounds and got naked à la Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, otherwise it’s another star-trap-brodaway-money-grab. 


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