Britney and Will.I.Am Collaboration Falls Short

Is this a video or a commercial? We have to endure Will.I.Am’s iPhone 4 camera case at least a dozen times throughout the video. The newly released case looks like a vintage camera and sells for an obscene $315. Can someone tell Will.I.Am it’s not cool to sell an iPhone 4 case when Apple has an iPhone 5. People that are crazy enough to pay $315 for an iPhone case are not going to have an iPhone 4, they will have an iPhone 5.

If you must have this case–the iPhone 5 version will be out early next year.

As for the song it sounds like a recycled Black Eye Peas track without the chick that can sing.

And for the record, we get Britney’s a Bitch–this is the 3rd or 4th time hearing that sample in a song–it needs to be retired. Britney needs to stick with her old producers they know how to work with her sound. Wll.I.Am just needs to stick with the Black Eye Peas.



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