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The Voice: I Think You’re Fat!

Embedly Powered

Fat people can’t win even if they’re skinny! Poor 16 year-old Jason Kertson got booted off The Voice for having a voice the size of Meatloaf. Is vocal-profiling ok? Do we need Dante de Blasio to cut a commercial about this? Continue reading

American Idol Gets It

Check out the transcript of the cat-fight.

Finally after all these years America Idol finally gets it right. It’s not about the contestants stupid, it’s about the judges. If we really like these contestants so much wouldn’t we be buying their albums. I know, I know what you’re saying, “Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.” Well, as the old saying goes, a broken clock is right two times a day! Did J-Lo’s 15 million dollars worth of advice get the Idol winners anywhere during her reign? It’s just not about the kids, they are a byproduct of a show that is all about the judges. Continue reading

‘The Voice’ Is All About The Voice–Unless You’re Really Hot

It’s a sham! ‘The Voice’ prides itself on being so altruistic and giving up-and-coming artists a chance to make it solely on their talent as opposed to their looks. It’s not like those other singing competition shows that let half-baked talent through just because the “artist” won the genetic lottery of good looks. Well that’s what we thought about ‘The Voice,’ until last night when a rejected contestant from last season, Dez Duron, got a second chance to impress the judges. Continue reading

Christina Aguilera’s Body Not Quite Ready For Prime Time?

Christina Aguilera has dropped a lot of weight over the past several months, but she may have been a bit premature to show off her new figure. In the infamous before picture Christian let it all hang out at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert on October 2011. In the after pictures Continue reading

Blake Shelton Checking Out Lady Gaga Ass/Homage to Gaga’s Butt

markatlarge: due to the popularity of this post I added an homage to Gaga’s butt at the end. Perverts!

It may have been Adele’s night but all eyes weren’t on the newest British invasion. Blake Shelton grabbed a glimpse of Lady Gaga’s butt while his wife, Miranda Lambert, was preoccupied. Continue reading