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Fire Island: When Rich People Fight

Ascension Tea Dance at 236 Bay is one of the most buzzed about parties in Fire Island Pines. In 2011 the event had a dance floor built out into the bay. It was one of the most elaborate events of the season.

markatlarge Exclusive:

It’s just sad when poor people fight. But when rich people fight it’s fascinating.  After all Dynasty wouldn’t have been so fabulous if it took place in Bushwick with a bunch of baristas. Continue reading

Fire Island: War in Progress

Jon Wilner and Eric von Kuersteiner

markatlarge Exclusive:

Our blog post, Clash of the Titans, sparked a major battle that has been brewing for some time between two Fire Island kingpins who once had a close friendship for 12 years. But now Eric von Kuersteiner, the former owner of a large chunk of Fire Island Pines real estate and prominent Fire Island realtor Jon Wilner are embroiled in a very bitter war of words. Continue reading