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Justin Bieber at Strip Club – Patron or Performer? [NSFW]

It’s hard to tell from this picture if the Biebs is a Go-Go boy at an East Village twink bar or at a Texas Strip Club. Well it’s a strip club! Bieber and his bros had a little fun over the weekend at a Houston strip club.

The ladies weren’t the only ones showing the flesh as the night progress Bieber lost his shirt and his pants headed south. That was enough to turn DiamondsR4ever into a Belieber:

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Justin Bieber Sex Doll

Oh dear, this may not be the right gift for a true belieber, but would be perfect for Jerry Sandusky or your neighborhood pedophile. In honor of Bibeber’s 18th year of life an industrious company pumps out a sex doll of America’s favorite teen idol. The makers even thought of those who don’t really care for Bieber’s singing designing his mouth for stuffing along with every other orifice he has-something telling me this isn’t for the ladies. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Sings And Pukes At The Same Time

Bieber’s first concert for his ‘Believe’ tour got off to a rocky start this Saturday. The poor Biebs threw-up during his concert, but amazingly was able to sing perfectly. I know the Biebs is super-human, but not missing a note while having projectile vomit spewing from his mouth is amazing. Continue reading