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Lance Armstrong Is Not That Bad!

Lance Armstrong Doaping

I have just started taking spinning classes the past few months, so naturally I consider myself an expert on cycling. And all I can tell you is it’s hard! You leave the class feeling woozy, achy and light headed. Ten minutes into the class I inevitably look at the clock thinking a half-hour has passed, but it’s only 10 fucking minutes! Some people, whom I don’t believe, say they experience some sort of high when endorphins kick in, but I’m sure it’s their Adderall finally kicking in when they got their asses moving. So for me I can completely understand why Lance Armstrong doped and transfused blood. After spinning class I want a vodka soda and a transfusion of ho ho’s. Once the class is over I have a huge appetite (ugh, my body is completely working against me). You need some chemical to balance you out.  Continue reading