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American Idol Ruins It for Beyonce

Beyonce Superbowl Lip-Syncing

That’s right! Idol ruins everything it touches. Before American Idol, it was quite acceptable to have a scantly-clad, incredibly-beautiful woman booty shaking her way to stardom without singing one word live. The era of the J Los, Beyonces, Brittneys and Madonnas has passed. All the ladies still have their legions of fans, but no one else is allowed into that exclusive club. I can’t think of a hot artist whose star has risen in the generation of American Idol who doesn’t sing live. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift have all the accoutrements and can sing live. Idol has reinvigorated the art of singing live.  Continue reading

Madonna’s Battle With Mothers Against Guns Heats Up

Madonna brandished a gun at her concert in Scotland despite warnings from police it’s against the country’s gun control laws. In light of the Colorado shooting it looks even more callous sparking outrage from Mothers Against Guns and angry responses via social media.

My response: Are you kidding me!? You’re mad at Madonna!

If you recall the suspect in the Batman movie massacre didn’t storm the theater in a cone bra, fishnets stockings and a thong,  Continue reading

Madonna in Meltdown!

Madonna can’t get a tit up in this war with Gaga. The feud came to a head when Lady Gaga responded to Madonna’s mash-up of Express Yourself/Born This Way/She’s Not Me. In the mash-up Madonna tries to show Born This Way can be sung to the music of Express Yourself. Continue reading

Madonna Still Can’t Stand Gaga

I thought I saw a pig flying, but I was wrong. When I originally heard Madonna was doing a mashup of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and the song she accused Gaga of copying Express Yourself. I thought the two divas might have mended fences. Continue reading

MarkatLarge: My Most Obscene Tweets from The Grammys

MarkatLarge: My Most Obscene Tweets from The Grammys

Here are my favorite Tweets from the Grammys:

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We know how Adele got her “polyps” in her throat it was from blowing every member of Recording Academy–it gave her a leg up in the voting.
[Love Adele it’s a Joke] Continue reading

Super Bowl: Is Lady Gaga Taunting Madonna?

Prior to New Year’s Eve, you couldn’t open up Facebook, wade your way through twitter or browse YouTube without seeing Lady Gaga somewhere. For almost all of 2011 we were bombarded with Lady Gaga from Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve to The Jingle Ball. Ever since New Year’s Eve Gaga seems to be MIA.

Is Gaga graciously giving reverence to her majesty, Continue reading

Team Madonna or Team Elton? [Update – Cher picks a side]

Madonna in an effort to promote her new movie W.E. and album M.D.N.A has been in public sounding bitter, entitled and more arrogant than ever. Elton for his part is sounding like his usual self–a bitter queen. Madonna’s behavior has set off a feud with Elton John, his hubby and his baby’s God m Continue reading