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Donald Trump’s War on Women

The follically-challenged alleged business titan has a penchant for bullying the ladies. The Donald takes to twitter yet again to attack his latest victim, Kristen Stewart. One might ask: how does this beacon of business have so much time for social media. On October 19th, a workday, Trump tweeted over 40 times–none of which were work related. In comparison I checked how many times Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tweeted on that day–it was 0. Why? because he doesn’t have fucking time for twitter, he’s too busy making stuff. Continue reading

Get Ready For Gagastock Little Monsters!


Lady Gaga launched her foundation, Born This Way, with her mother Cynthia Germanotta at the prestigious Harvard University. The foundation’s goal is to empower youth to prevent bullying and promote acceptance. Gaga had some heavy hitters on hand for the launch including Continue reading