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Taking Back the C-Word

Charlie Rangel Cracker Tea Party

I’m outraged! My congressmen used a racist term. That’s right Charlie Rangel called white people cr*ckers (I will modify cracker with ‘*’ as not to offend my readers.) Truth be told, I have only been out raged a few days, since hearing about it on Fox and Friends, before that I thought a cr*acker was a delicious shelf-stable snack–what do I know. Continue reading

Paula Deen Adds High Blood Pressure to Her List of Ailments


After 3 years of concealing her Type 2 Diabetes from the public, Dr. Oz confronts Paula Deen about another secret she has: High Blood Pressure. Paula who is having a hard time understanding why the public has turned against her is trying hard to rehabilitate her image, starting by firing her Continue reading