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Donald Trump’s War on Women

The follically-challenged alleged business titan has a penchant for bullying the ladies. The Donald takes to twitter yet again to attack his latest victim, Kristen Stewart. One might ask: how does this beacon of business have so much time for social media. On October 19th, a workday, Trump tweeted over 40 times–none of which were work related. In comparison I checked how many times Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tweeted on that day–it was 0. Why? because he doesn’t have fucking time for twitter, he’s too busy making stuff. Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice: The Mob Edition

The Donald has tried everything from questioning the president’s citizenship to reigniting his war with Rosie O’Donnell to get some buzz for the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice. When the hype machine is in overdrive, it’s a signal the season will be really bad or over-the-top crazy fun. Continue reading

The Trump vs. Rosie Twitter Battle [Updated]

Donald Trump (a.k.a ratings whore) is trying to reignite his celebrity war with Rosie O’Donnell the day after Piers Morgan coaxed some nice words out of O’Donnell about Trump. This week on The Piers Morgan Show, Piers asked Rosie to say one nice thing about Trump to which Rosie responded, “I think you [Trump] Continue reading