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The J LO Effect Is Over

Jennifer Lopez was like crack to the American Idol audience, but after its continued use, like any good drug, you need more and more to get your high. Unfortunately America has reached its tolerance level for J Lo. Ratings for the Idol finale were down a whopping 26% from last year’s finale to 21.5 million viewers. Continue reading

American Idol: Randy Jackson Fuming Over All the Steven Tyler Lovin’?

How bad must Randy Jackson feel that all these twenty-something-year-olds are fawning all over Steven Tyler, but none seem to go for him. Not once this season has a female contestant given Randy the once over. Steven Tyler who is almost 10 years older than Randy, has suffered from years of drug abuse, is slowly morphing into the male version of Janice Dickenson and has man-boobs is still getting all the attention. Continue reading

American Idol: Backlash Over Jim Carrey’s Daughter

Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane tries out for American Idol, and as expected she sails through despite her mediocre performance. Did you really think J Lo, Steven or Randy would even think of offending Hollywood heavyweight Jim Carrey by not letting his daughter through. The judges are desperate to be in the Hollywood ‘in crowd’ and Idol needs to pump up its historically low ratings. Continue reading

American Idol: Ridicule and Redundant

The new season of Idol is a recycled mess of last season. The judges, of course, are all the same: Steven Tyler is still kooky, Jennifer gives absolutely useless advice and Randy Jackson is as interesting as watching paint dry.

Idol, post-Simon Cowell, is still trying to be all warm and fuzzy ditching its caustic image of years past. Basically letting the judges be spineless Continue reading