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Tim Tebow got fat, but why?

Tim Tebows Beer Belly

It’s more like a root beer belly, after all Tim Tebow is still super religious.  At 26, he’s still saving himself for marriage and continues to write scriptures references on his face, so that belly’s not from alcohol. Poor Tebow is probably like the rest of us when we are unemployed–sitting around all day veggin-out watching home shopping and Judge Judy. Continue reading

Tim Tebow Losing Faith in God


Tim Tebow has followed the word of the Lord to a tee–he goes to church, doesn’t drink, prays every night, gives money to charity and most of all hasn’t had sex!!! For christ-sake what else does this guy have to do to get a break. Let’s take a look at some low points in his year: Continue reading

Tim Tebow Poses for A Gay Magazine Again!

A study leaked by an industry insider group showed GQ had the highest gay readership among any magazine. Well it’s not exactly a shocker the magazine is about fashion and hot men–who else would read it. I take that back, I hear John Travolta likes to read GQ during his “massages.” Continue reading

Battle of the (Olympic-Sized) Bulge

This family friendly event has turned into to cesspool of sleaze. Hard-bodied lycra-cladded studs are displaying their naughty bits for the world to see. It’s disgusting! I’m so upset I reported NBC to Mom’s Against Penises for their Olympic coverage. Continue reading

Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Still Likes to Get Naked and Party

That’s a big football

It has come to my attention, as a non-sports fan, ESPN has a magazine with an annual body issue. This year’s cover boy is the infamous party boy Rob Gronkowski who plays for the Patriots in his spare time. The magazine seems to highlight his huge hands–wink wink. The question is was that ESPN’s idea or The Gronk just trying to solicit the ladies. I think we know the answer to that question.  Continue reading

One Million Dollars to Pop Tim Tebow’s Cherry


The esteemed website, Ashley Madison, dedicated to helping married people have affairs, has offered one million dollars to anyone with proof Tim Tebow is not a virgin.

No sooner does the bounty surface for Tebow’s virginity did we find out on Page 6 that Tebow Continue reading