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Wendy Williams Naked

Hmmm, I’m a bit skeptical here about Wendy’s commitment to the safety and prosperity of furry little minks. It looks to me like a women with a hot 40-something-year-old body wanting to show it off. Wendy could go the Playboy route, but that reeks of desperation no matter how much you say, “I did it to show a 40-year-old women can still look hot.” In all the years I watched Wendy I don’t recall her once expressing any outrage over fur-wearing celebrities.

Check out Wendy giving her best fuck-me face to turn you off to fur. Continue reading

Donald Trump’s War on Women

The follically-challenged alleged business titan has a penchant for bullying the ladies. The Donald takes to twitter yet again to attack his latest victim, Kristen Stewart. One might ask: how does this beacon of business have so much time for social media. On October 19th, a workday, Trump tweeted over 40 times–none of which were work related. In comparison I checked how many times Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tweeted on that day–it was 0. Why? because he doesn’t have fucking time for twitter, he’s too busy making stuff. Continue reading

Turns Out Lady Gaga Is Not Fat

A few days after Lady Gaga’s fat pictures were flashed all over the media–it’s turns they were fake or at best the 3 most unflattering pictures ever taken of her. Gaga responded to the weight controversy via her social media site posting a series of pictures with the caption confessing to ‘Bulimia and Anorexia Since I Was 15.’ Continue reading

May God Bring Back The Bitches of GCB

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The poor ladies of GCB were canceled. The show didn’t have a chance when you consider it was the only time religious kooks and feminazis agreed on something. Both groups historically don’t have a very good sense of humor especially when it’s served up in a self-deprecating fashion.

As you can imagine, Godly women don’t like to be portrayed as hypocrites and women most certainly don’t want referred to as bitches (just ask Rush Limbaugh). Continue reading