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Fire Island: War in Progress

Jon Wilner and Eric von Kuersteiner

markatlarge Exclusive:

Our blog post, Clash of the Titans, sparked a major battle that has been brewing for some time between two Fire Island kingpins who once had a close friendship for 12 years. But now Eric von Kuersteiner, the former owner of a large chunk of Fire Island Pines real estate and prominent Fire Island realtor Jon Wilner are embroiled in a very bitter war of words. Continue reading

The Future of Fire Island?

The new Pavilion slated for completion by April 2013.

markatlarge Exclusive: new renderings of the harbor area.

Finally, after six months since a fire devastated Fire Island Pines, we get a glimpse of what the new Pavilion will look like. Although we only got to see a glimpse, the glimpse was pretty good! The Pavilion’s design, done by the architectural firm HWKN, has been overwhelmingly well received based on social media. Commentors used superlatives such as “wow”, “gorgeous”, “outstanding”, “fucking awesome” in reaction to the new design. Continue reading

Fire Island In Chaos?

Kelly Rowland performing in Fire Island

markatlarge Exclusive:

New York’s legendary gay resort, Fire Island Pines, is floating on a sea of discontent. The drama all started last week when markatlarge broke the rumor that 80% of the commercial area in the Pines was up for sale. It seems that rumor only scratched the surface of the problems facing the owners. Fresh rumors surfaced last week about in-fighting, a seven-figure financial loss and a major shake up in the management team. Continue reading

The Latest Fairy Tale on Fire Island

Photo Taken February 2012: A patch of sand where the Pavilion once stood and no construction activity. In contrast the LaFountaine Building (in the rear of the picture) that has a crane on site and pilings installed.

markatlarge exclusive:

Don’t get your hopes up boys; our favorite blogger at The Village Voice may have been given some bad intel about New York’s famed gay resort, Fire Island. Photos taken in February 2012 and one taken as late as March 16 show the spot where the once famed Pavilion nightclub stood remains a plot of sand with no construction activity under way. Continue reading

New York’s Legendary Gay Resort For Sale Again?

Fire Island Pavilion Before the Fire

Markatlarge Exclusive:

New York’s Gay summer enclave known for its tight tan bodies, iconic parties and endless nights of debauchery could be yours for a mere $22 million. That’s right! In just two short years after FIP Ventures reportedly paid a whopping $17 million for 80% of the commercial property on Fire Island Pines, it’s rumored to be for sale. Continue reading