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One Million Dollars to Pop Tim Tebow’s Cherry


The esteemed website, Ashley Madison, dedicated to helping married people have affairs, has offered one million dollars to anyone with proof Tim Tebow is not a virgin.

No sooner does the bounty surface for Tebow’s virginity did we find out on Page 6 that Tebow Continue reading

The Latin Hottie on DWTS Takes It ALL Off (NSFW)


This might be a shocker: there is an unknown star on Dancing with the Stars, William Levy, a Latin hunk who steams up soaps on Spanish language TV. Most famous to the average American for dating Jenifer Lopez or not, he denies the two ever dated after J Lo’s divorce from Marc Anthony. But Levy was in J Lo’s video “I’m Into You” — Continue reading

American Idol Omits A Controversial Lyric From A Gaga Song Again!


For several years I was a recapper for American Idol, but after becoming disillusioned with the show, I gave it up. Now I do watch Idol in fast forward mode, just listening to the performances and ignoring the insufferable judging. Continue reading

Sexy Republican Congressman Charges Campaign for Workout DVDs

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)

Hunky Republican Congressman Aaron Schock, who voted against healthcare reform legislation, allegedly charged his P90X workout DVDs to his political campaign. Mr. Schock, who is very concerned about the government paying for other people’s healthcare, encourages Americans to get fit to solve their healthcare woes. Continue reading

Is Michelle Williams Too Hot for Jason Segel?

I know you’re all thinking it! It seems Jason Segel’s movie life is morphing into his real life. A few years back Segal starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a movie about an average looking guy who is chased after by two of the hottest women in Hollywood, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis. Continue reading

Fire Island In Chaos?

Kelly Rowland performing in Fire Island

markatlarge Exclusive:

New York’s legendary gay resort, Fire Island Pines, is floating on a sea of discontent. The drama all started last week when markatlarge broke the rumor that 80% of the commercial area in the Pines was up for sale. It seems that rumor only scratched the surface of the problems facing the owners. Fresh rumors surfaced last week about in-fighting, a seven-figure financial loss and a major shake up in the management team. Continue reading

Everybody’s Man Crushing on Tim Tebow: Update The Gronk

Tim Tebow in his new Jockey Underwear Ad

NFL’s super stud Tim Tebow is the talk of the country. Somehow this 24-year-old virgin, devout Christian, home-schooled hunk has both women and men longing to be on the receiving end of one of his bobbled passes.

Continue reading