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Will Jerry Sandusky be CNN’s Correspondent for the Super Bowl?

It’s not that ridiculous, Sandusky only has been accused of pedophilia, molestation and rape-he hasn’t been convicted. The week of the Iowa caucuses accused sexual harasser Herman Cain was on CNN at least 3 times–interviewed by Wolf Blizter, Piers Morgan and John King. If CNN is going to have an accused sexual harasser give political

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X-Factor: Has an American Idol Winner

Melanie Amaro

Lets take a look at this year’s X-Factor winner: She had a hard luck story, lived in the south, doesn’t have the stereotypical look of a pop artist and she sang the best. Mmmm that sure sounds like the background of almost any American Idol winner.  We were sold that The X-Factor was going to find, like its name mentions, a person with the X-Factor. Continue reading

X-Factor: Keep Nicole Scherzinger and Dump Paula Abdul

The problem with X-Factor is not Nicole Scherziger. Nicole is completely self-absorbed, desperate for attention and just can’t understand why she is not more famous. I mean after all she gorgeous, she can sing, she’s young and of course it’s worth repeating she’s hot.

Lady Gaga in Bra = Interesting * Nicole in bra = Slutty - A mystery I can't solve here

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Celebrity Wife Swap: Gary Busey + Ted Haggard = Fail


Can Celebrity Wife Swap get a redo? You would think swapping wives with Gary Busey, who is not operating with a full deck and Ted Haggard who was taken down by gay sex scandal would be TV gold but it didn’t work.

It didn’t work because Busey and Haggard are oddly alike. Continue reading