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Markatlarge Tweets The Election 2012

Here are a few tweets in honor of Donald Trump, the best asset the Democratic Party ever had. The media loves to cover Trump’s ramblings. The bat-shit crazy electorate that see Trump as a political laureate nominate candidates like: Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, Richard “Rape induced pregnancy is a blessing from God” Mourdock, Sarah “I see Russia” Palin and Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell. All of these half-wit candidates tend to be rejected once they face the broader electorate in favor of a Democrat. So long live Donald Trump! Continue reading

Is Queen Elizabeth To Be More Feared Than The Taliban?

We all remember the overwhelming amount of support Prince Harry got when his royal bits were exposed on TMZ. Poll after poll continue to show Prince Harry has massive public support for his naked Vegas romp. A Facebook page was created called “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute.” It has over 65,000 members that can post semi-nude photos like this interesting fella: Continue reading

Romney Campaign Getting Desperate – Shirtless Photo of Ryan Surfaces

Source: TMZ

Source: TMZ

The Romney campaign must be in free fall after they bring on a candidate, who was characterized the “cutest package that cruelty ever came in” in Maureen Dowd’s New York Times Op-Ed When Cruelty is Cute. Former Prom King Paul Ryan (do you know any Prom King who wasn’t a douchbag) Continue reading

Brad Pitt’s Mom Responds to Bigotry with Bigotry

It’s good to know Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane Pitt, is religious. After all she won the genetic jackpot producing a son who was named the sexiest man alive twice. Mama Pitt surely has reaped the rewards of having such a famous son like a house and a stream of support checks to keep her all cozy in her narrow-minded life. Continue reading

Sexy Republican Congressman Charges Campaign for Workout DVDs

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)

Hunky Republican Congressman Aaron Schock, who voted against healthcare reform legislation, allegedly charged his P90X workout DVDs to his political campaign. Mr. Schock, who is very concerned about the government paying for other people’s healthcare, encourages Americans to get fit to solve their healthcare woes. Continue reading

Will Jerry Sandusky be CNN’s Correspondent for the Super Bowl?

It’s not that ridiculous, Sandusky only has been accused of pedophilia, molestation and rape-he hasn’t been convicted. The week of the Iowa caucuses accused sexual harasser Herman Cain was on CNN at least 3 times–interviewed by Wolf Blizter, Piers Morgan and John King. If CNN is going to have an accused sexual harasser give political

Continue reading