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RHOBH: Stick a Silver Spoon It–The Season is OVER!


I feel dirty after this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It might be time for Bravo to throw in the towel on this season. We all enjoy crazy-fun people, but crazy-sad people leave us feeling disgusted with ourselves for watching.

A crazy-fun person is someone who likes to drink a little bit too much, shoots their mouth off and does a lot of smooshing—think Snooki. A crazy-sad person is physically abused, in constant need of approval and desperate to be rich—think Taylor. Continue reading

RHOBH Recap: Will Taylor Ever Get a Date Again?

The ladies from Beverly Hills take a ski trip to Beaver Creek…the reason to mourn the sale of Camille Grammer’s ski chalet brought upon by her lucrative divorce from Kelsey Grammer. In such a trying time for recently widowed Taylor Armstrong I find it crass to discuss such a trivial topic such as the loss of one of Camille’s several luxury homes. Even though the loss of a home is devastating by Beverly Hills standards, the town might actually find the loss of an alleged physically and mentally abusive husband to suicide a smidge more tragic–just a smidge. Continue reading

RHOBH Recap: Put Russell Armstrong Back In!

After watching the premiere episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–I wanted to commit suicide. It was a complete bore, Bravo put their eggs in one basket: the inevitable break of Taylor and her now deceased husband Russell. You don’t have to be a trained physiologist to deduce an attractive, well-kept, middle-aged, plastic-infused women would dump her schlub of a husband when he lost all his money. Continue reading