Christina Aguilera’s Body Not Quite Ready For Prime Time?

Christina Aguilera has dropped a lot of weight over the past several months, but she may have been a bit premature to show off her new figure. In the infamous before picture Christian let it all hang out at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert on October 2011. In the after pictures it looks like Christina was trying to silence her critics (a.k.a. celebuspawn Kelly Osbourne) with the recreation of the that ill fated look from 2011.


Did Christina accomplish her goal? Check her out from her performance this week on The Voice:

She’s still a bit bit curvy, but Fuck it – I love it! She is on the top of her game and can sing anyone else off that stage.

X-Tina dominates The Voice proving her hips are as big as her balls. Her dead on appraisals make her co-judges, Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Blake Shelton, look like timid school girls. Check out how she dressed down one of her former musketeers when she didn’t like what she heard (:47 mark):

You don’t see the boys lay it down like that.

Christina is Winning! Back to back weeks X-Tina has the most talked about highlights. You go girl. Keep those weighty comments and inappropriate outfits coming!