CNN Reports Whitney Houston Had a Penis!

As part of an interview with LL Cool J, CNN’s Piers Morgan showed a clip of Whitney Houston, but it wasn’t Ms. Houston–it was a chick with a dick. TMZ reported Piers used the footage of Ikenna Benéy, a German drag queen. I know Whitney’s voice wasn’t what it was in her youth but to mistake it for a drag queen, that’s pretty disrespectful. 

Why is Piers even asking LL Cool J about Whitney since it’s not current news? Did he run through a whole list of dead celebrities with LL for his opinion? The last time Piers Morgan made news was when he dug up some washed-up child star, Kirk Cameron, to spew his anti-Gay marriage agenda. Can’t Piers find any relevant news to report?

CNN really has to consider where it does it staffing–Piers Morgan, the winner of Celebrity Apprentice and former America’s Got Talent judge is no Walter Cronkite. Before hitting America’s shores this unwanted import was the editor of Britain’s now defunct News of the World (best known for hacking dead people’s cell phones.) I mean really CNN, if you’re trying to be a respected news channel I don’t get why this is your go to guy.

Really CNN! Your main interview guy hawked Burger King perfume.

Is it any surprise CNN’s ratings are at a 21 year low averaging only 319,000 total viewers? I think Larry King had it right when he said, giving Piers Morgan his own show is like giving someone a Rolls Royce and watching them drive it off a cliff.

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