Don’t F*ck With Tom Daley

Or your ass will end up in jail. A tweeter was quite nasty to Tom Daley after he failed to medal in an Olympic diving event tweeting:

Tom lost his father, to whom he was very close, a year ago and tweeted:

You don’t fuck with Britain’s cutest national treasure and get away with it. The Daily Mail reported Rileyy_69 was taken into custody for malicious communications, questioned for several hours, an eventually released with a formal warning for harassment.

I consider myself an expert on British youth after watching all 6 seasons of Skins UK (who doesn’t) and have to say I’m sure there have been worse tweets about teens where no action was taken.

It should be noted a few tweets later Rileyy_69 apologies to Daley. Rileyy_69 could be considered an exuberant fan who expressed his anger in a horrible way.

What I wonder is how is it not considered “malicious communications” when the Daily Mail refers to Rileyy_69, a 17 year old as living in a twisted world, the product of a dysfunctional upbringing and an unemployed youth. The article paints Rileyy_69’s father as a pervy loser who met Riley_69’s mom when he was 40 and she was 15 and Riley_69’s mom had him when she was 17 years old. Riley_69’s father goes on in the article to trash his son. Probably not father of the year by any means. And one can see from reading the article how his son might be a little fucked up.

You don’t solve bullying by bullying. The tweeter did say some horrible things but I think we all should have some compassion for him, not everyone is lucky enough to have a great father like Tom Daley.

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