Eric Cantor Capital Hills’ Biggest Himbo?

Clearly Eric Cantor has cemented himself as the biggest himbo on Capital Hill (Sorry Scott Brown.) In order to improve his sagging poll number and to change American’s impression of him as an obstructionist he did a 60 Minutes interview.

Scott Brown: I'm Sexy and I Know it

As an avid 60 Minutes watcher I noted that Steve Kroft who usually does the major political interviews did not. This past Sunday was a little different, Leslie Stahl interviewed the ever so attractive and charming Eric Cantor. Making one wonder if Cantor’s people thought Stahl would be a little easier on him because of his dreamy eyes and P90X body.

Stahl was clearly a bit smitten with the studly senator, but she managed to zing him pretty good.

Cantor started to crack when he discussed his concept of “incremental progress.” His theory is if both parties agree on part of something then you pass the part agreed upon instead of going for all or nothing—incremental progress, as Cantor calls it.

Stahl pointedly question him about the Bush tax cuts, asking him why he did not pass the tax cuts for the middle class since both parties agree on that increment, and worry about tax cut for the rich at a later date.

I have nice teeth

Cantor abandoned his “making incremental progress” theory saying you can’t tax your way out of the deficit. Basically he is only for “incremental progress” when its helps his rich buddies.

Stahl second “gotcha question” was asking him the difference between “compromise and cooperate.” Cantor, who went to George Washington University, didn’t even know the definition of compromise. Compromise, in his mind, means compromising your principles. defines it as: a settlement of differences by mutual concessions. It says nothing about principles.

Stahl reminded Cantor his hero Ronald Reagan  (who also hero of every living Republican) compromised and raised taxes. All of a sudden Cantor’s press secretary pipes in off camera inaccurately saying, “That just isn’t true. And I don’t want to let that stand.” Cantor, of course, doesn’t correct the error—most likely because he doesn’t know.

For a modern-day Republican it’s not important to know what Ronald Reagan did but just use his name to bolster any baseless argument you make. Thankfully 60 minutes pulls the tape of Ronald Reagan saying he compromised and raised takes. Its just another politician who tries twisting the facts for their own interest.

The last take away from Cantor interview was the odd trend developing among republican spouses. It seems like a lot of prominent republican spouses are for Gay Marriage, including Eric Cantor’s wife Diana, Barbra Bush, and Cindy McCain among others. Could it be their husbands are too, but they’re “compromising” their principals to win elections?

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