Everybody’s Man Crushing on Tim Tebow: Update The Gronk

Tim Tebow in his new Jockey Underwear Ad

NFL’s super stud Tim Tebow is the talk of the country. Somehow this 24-year-old virgin, devout Christian, home-schooled hunk has both women and men longing to be on the receiving end of one of his bobbled passes.

Rob Grownkowski: “I eff Tibow to take his virginity”

Rob Gronkowski is willing to take one for the team! The Patriot’s Tight End has offered to forgo his football duties for an evening and be Tebows’ “pitcher” for the night.  The Gronk admitted he “eff” Tebow to help the poor guy loose his virginity:

Brad Paisley had Tim Tebow on stage for a duet, to ensure people didn’t think it was gay Paisley had Tebow sing this verse from “I’m Still a Guy” that goes like this “These days there’s dudes getting facials, manicured, waxed and botoxed. With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands. You can’t grip a tackle box.” To reenforce Paisley wasn’t man-crushing on Tebow he sings this brilliant lyric: “Oh my eyebrows ain’t plucked. There’s a gun in my truck. Oh thank God, I’m still a guy.” [Two dudes doing a duet–conjures up memories of Wham! before George Michael was gay]

Lady Gaga Tweeted
– “Giants fan but wow. #Tebow Thats what the fuck a champion looks like.” [I know Tebow being a virgin and all doesn’t have much experience with the ladies, but this tweet clearly indicates Lady Gaga will sleep with you anytime or anywhere.]

John Parr updated his song “St. Elmo’s Fire” as an homage to Tebow. Now the lyric is “Tim Tebow’s fire” [Don’t really know John Parr, but if he has a wife she better have a sit down. Is this a one time thing or what? The song’s pretty gay.]


Rick Perry wants to the be the “Tim Tebow of Politics.” [Not surprising Perry is aspiring to be someone who is considered by experts a mediocre player, but still manages to win. Regardless, Rick Perry is half way there as he is considered to be mediocre by most.]

Last year’s American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, Tweeted “real happy for Tim Tebow! Not a bronco fan, but a Tebow fan. Anybody that doesn’t like him apparently just doesn’t like winners…” [MMM. Did Adam Lambert hack McCreery’s account or does Idol have another winner getting ready to come out of the closet.]

Even average Joes are mutilating their bodies in reverence to Tim Tebow: Check out this tattoo:

I’m caught up in it too. I’m hoping after Tim Tebow is finally de-programmed from his years of home schooling and the never-ending sermons from his Evangelical parents he discovers he really like to play for the other team. I’ll be ready to catch his wobbly pass anytime.

Important Tim Tebow Stats:

  • Still a virgin (as of an interview on 1/11/12 with USA TODAY 1/11/2012)
  • Single. [still a chance ladies] Why? Too busy [cross your fingers boys]

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Check more picture of Tim Tebow as close to naked as I could find:

“just friends”


Why do all Tebow “friends” have big boobs?

You see the pattern girls – Time to visit Dr. 90210 if you want to be “friends” with Tebow

Tim Tebow looking hot doing missionary work in the Philippines.

Tim Tebow’s first underwear AD:

Tebow Looking a bit bloated – You sure your not on the Jesus Juice?

Everything can’t be perfect

Do you have some pics of Tim Tebow pics half-naked? Send them to me at info@markatlarge. Lets make this the one stop shop for all those Man Crushing on Tim Tebow.

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49 thoughts on “Everybody’s Man Crushing on Tim Tebow: Update The Gronk

  1. Tish Rourke

    TIM TEBOW IS NOT GAY!!! And you know as well as I do ” The Gays ” always insinuate someone is GAY in the closet and given the chance could and would turn them out!
    FYI, I happen to be a very close friend of Tim Tebow, and I’m extremely disappointed and infuriated how unprofessional you and others like you have attacked his moral values and Christian beliefs. Tim has stood by what he believes to be the best for himself regarding sex before marriage. Professional athletes are ridiculed for thier infidelities, yet they are also bashed for not being sexually
    active? Having Christian and just moral beliefs in general, only to be ridiculed is WRONG!!!
    Let’s continue to talk about ” Bill Clinton, Kelsy Grammer, Tiger Woods (whom I also know”), Michael Jordan, political figures, judges, athletes, etc. to name a few.
    And when some make a public statement of apology it’s usually damage control because they got caught or found out!!!
    Your hot topic isn’t so hot, and might I add you need not report malicious accusations without the facts to be true!!!

    Tish Rourke

    1. markatlarge Post author

      Hi Tish,

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I don’t think Tim Tebow is gay–I’m just poking fun at him. I think he is an admirable person who backs up his word with action. Tebow has started a foundation, goes on missionary trips and is an all around do-gooder. I think he is a great role model. I wish Tebow all the success in the world!

      Just joking around a little.


      1. Tish Rourke

        Thank you so must h got your responseand I am happy to hear it was just in poking fun.
        I myself know all to well about poking fun at someone in the public eye.
        Anyway, thanks for your response.

        1. markatlarge Post author

          No problem Tish. I heard one of his teammates re-posted it. mmmm. I wonder how he voted 😉 Now if he would only send me more pics!

    2. Jonny C.

      Oh Tish,

      I am certainly sorry if we gay men in
      America have offended your delicate sensibilities. Tim is a beautiful man, and
      of course we recognize that. In fact, we’re rather known for our ability to
      spot HOT.

      The straight men’s idea that we see every
      hot man as a “six-beer-queer” is a bit outdated. It’s more fair for everyone to
      simply acknowledge that we like the idea but do recognize that it’s not
      terribly accurate.

      I respect that Tim has held strongly to his beliefs
      regarding pre-marital sex. I don’t necessarily agree with those beliefs, but I
      hope people will treat them with an equal degree of respect. I hope that Tim
      continues to walk the talk – and hope that the top of his head doesn’t pop off
      when he finally does include a second person in his sex life.

      In any event, I would hope that Tim accepts the adulation of
      all of his fans and followers. And Tish, shame on you for being such a little
      name dropper (just FYI, that’s kind of a gay pastime in itself).

      Hope things for you are Good All Year!

      1. Carrieannangel

         Johnny!! Thank you for saying gay people have any respect for values! I am a straight female and a virgin, I respect Tim and his beliefs because they are very close to mine! It disturbs me that gay people are assumed immoral because they find a straight man attractive AND because that man has made it clear what his values are…you must be trying to turn him!! Some people in this world are just ignorant and if you can’t forgive you just have to excuse them, they are to stupid to know any better!

        I love the page and I will have sweet dreams of Mr. Tebow with his shirt off!!!

    3. Jonny C.

      And Tish, 

      I too, am just having a little fun. I do respect Mr. Tebow’s conviction to live according to his beliefs. It is much less common than many conservatives would have us believe.  I needed a giggle tonight, and now I’ve had one.


    4. Shwan772

      Tish, you sound like a bit of a name dropper!  I know a lot of these people to and guess what?  What’s the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy?  Three beers! (and I’m straight but shit happens)

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  20. Shanefisher13

    I just talked to Tiger Woods over the past week.  I dont know him, but know several frineds of his.  I was curious, and asked about Tish Rourke.  He laughed, and said that was a prior hired help that cleaned for him.  He siad she was fired for stealing severl items off his yacht in South Florida a few years ago.  This is so funny, that a fired cleaning lady name drops….but I guess we are in the United States, and I love our country

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  33. Hottubjoe

    Tish, Tish, Tish,
    Gay men can be Christians, and jockss can be gay.  They are not mutually exclusive.  If someone says a dude is gay, that is not a dig, unless the person saying it is a homophobe.

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  36. Patrick Crosby

    Hey Tish, Christian values used to mean mainly beating up, brutalizing, and even murdering gays. It used to mean owning slaves as well. After that, it meant mob lynchings of blacks. Now it means sealing social security and medicare from the elderly and having them die earlier deaths (perhaps on the street) as a result. It also means raising taxes on the working poor so the rich can buy even more BMWs and yachts. Are you *sure* this is what your friend believes? Are you sure he is a “true” evangelical Christian? Even if you are, I don’t think you or anyone else ought to be speaking for him on this. I don’t know him at all, but I’d be willing to wager he’s been too busy playing football and doing photo shoots to have any idea what modern day evangelical Christianity is all about.

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