Lady Gaga’s Ex Seeks Revenge by Leaking Unreleased Tracks

Rob Fusari Lady Gaga’s former manager/ex-lover (before her deal with Interscope) leaked an unreleased Lady Gaga song today called Real Cool. Gaga’s affair with her former manger was salacious; at the time of the alleged affair Fusari was engaged to his sister in-law and Gaga was the other women. Lady Gaga’s song Brown Eyes off her first album is said to be about their relationship that could never be.


Gaga and Fusari

Shortly after Gaga was dropped from her first label, Def Jam, and signed by Interscope Fusari was dumped as her manager. Fusari filed a 30.5 million dollar lawsuit against Gaga for the songs he collaborated on with Gaga for her first album. Fusari lawsuit was dismissed this month and as revenge he as threatened to leak unreleased tracks from Lady Gaga from when they worked together in 2006-2007.

Not really that much of a threat, nowadays you need a least a sex tape to cause the public to even bat an eyelash. Releasing is a song is about as annoying a mosquito bite, unless it proved Gaga couldn’t sing which it does not. Here is the first track Fusari released via twitter:


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3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Ex Seeks Revenge by Leaking Unreleased Tracks

  1. Tyler Wallach

    I feel like this would be a big deal if the song was bad but it’s not, it’s just a normal 90’s sounding Robyn song – how is this revenge? The world loves godga, they won’t turn on her for silly songs, thats why we love her. Doe he think this will somehow deter her fans or her income? lolz

    1. markatlarge

      You’re right about that, nowadays you need at least a sex tape to make a blip on the publics radar. 

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