Audio of Joan Rivers Joking about Her Death the Night Before She was Rushed to the Hospital



Unbelievably I saw the legend Joan Rivers perform at the Laurie Beechman Theater on the night before she was rushed to the hospital. I loved Joan Rivers ever since I first saw her on the Tonight Show as a kid. On Thursday night Joan was as sharp, healthy and as happy as could be.  She was particularly beaming about being number one on the E! network beating out that “big, fat, disgusting, drunken-lesbian–Chelsea Handler,” Joan’s “dear friend.”

  If you forgot how the Joan Rivers / Chelsea Handler feud got started here is a refresher:

That’s how a master does a take down.

It’s such a shock she’s on life support. The outpouring of support has been huge for Joan, however New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had a peculiar request: he suggested, if she doesn’t pull through her body be laid to rest in the NYC subway system–the amount of Botox in her body could solve New York’s rat problem for years. (probably too soon)  After that bad attempted at humor lets hear how a comic genius nailed it on Thursday night:

Joan joking about dying:


Joan taking about her childhood friend Anne Frank–those two were very competitive as youngsters:


Joan is a charitable person. Here she discusses her new charity “Feels on Wheels:”


Joan talks about her great love affair with Lincoln:

I have a bunch of other clips, but you know how un-funny people are they’d take things the wrong way. I truly wish Joan a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with her family. That being said I hope to god Melissa’s finger isn’t on the button–you know she’s the sole heir to the QVC jewelry empire–that’s not an objective opinion!

A picture of Joan from Wednesday Night:

Joan Rivers Wed Night

markatlarge Tweets:

In the spirit of Joan I decided to write some inappropriate tweet: (retweet the one your like–it’s ok!)

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