Fashion Show Does Not Stop After New York Socialite Dies During the Show!

A women collapses at a New York Fashion Week Show and it’s not a model from starvation. It was legendary New York socialite Zelda Kaplan who died at 95 during a runway show. Shockingly the runway models didn’t bat an eyelash–the show carried on uninterrupted:

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Shocking video of Zelda being carried out of the fashion show:

Wow. The fashion industry is taking self-importance to a new level. Designer Joanna Mastroianni must be thrilled, this has to be the most attention her line ever got.

Zelda lived an interesting life at 50 years-old she re-invented herself from an ordinary suburban housewife to New York socialite. Her new life consisted of club openings, traveling the world and sitting front row at major fashion shows. Around town Zelda could be always seen in her signature large round glasses and African print outfits designed by her from fabrics she found on her trips to Africa.

Here is Zelda giving her toughest on fashion and life:

Zelda loved her clubs at 95 check her out with New York icon Amanda Lepore:

Zelda dies doing what she loved an inspiration for all.



2 thoughts on “Fashion Show Does Not Stop After New York Socialite Dies During the Show!

  1. lyrickle

    God bless her! She seemed adorable and had the right perspective on life. Those fashion airheads should take a lesson from her.

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