Madonna: F*ck You MIA

I don’t like being flipped off during the Super Bowl by a person I don’t know. Now to be honest I thought it was Rihanna in desperate need of moisturizer, but it wasn’t–it was someone named MIA. Nobody really knows who MIA is, let alone why she is flipping us off (angry black rapper is so early 90s.)

It’s Madonna’s show, let her give us the big FU. The only reason MIA is included on Madonna’s first single is to boost sales. Madonna probably feels a bit rusty and decided she needed to attach an artist from a different genre to ensure the combined fans would rocket her first single to number one. It’s been a popular strategy used by artists over the past few years; some famous pairings include: Katy Parry/Kanye West, Alicia Keys/Jay-Z and Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj. In some cases you don’t know even why the artist was shoved in, it barely makes sense in the song, but the fans buy it nevertheless.

Since MIA is playing second fiddle to Madonna, she had no right to try to upstage the Queen in such a lame fashion.  Can you get any more vanilla than flipping the bird and grabbing your crotch? Maybe back in 1970 that would have raised an eyebrow, but in 2012 it barely causes a blip on Twitter. Isn’t MIA old enough to recall the Janet Jackson famous wardrobe “malfunction” back in 2004? We saw an entire boob; a middle finger and crouch grab is pretty tame in comparison. The bar is set pretty high now; you would have needed to show your entire snatch to even get a rise from Focus on the Family.

Furthermore MIA’s stunt didn’t even pay off. Her brand new single (released January 31) is only at number 44 on iTunes the day after the Super Bowl. Not very impressive considering the Super Bowl had its largest audience ever – a massive 111 million people watched. Meanwhile Madonna’s new single is at number two and Kelly Clarkson, who sang the National Anthem, holds the number one spot.

I have a feeling MIA will be living up to her name very soon: Missing In Action.

Madonna to MIA – You’re Reductive:

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