Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Still Likes to Get Naked and Party

That’s a big football

It has come to my attention, as a non-sports fan, ESPN has a magazine with an annual body issue. This year’s cover boy is the infamous party boy Rob Gronkowski who plays for the Patriots in his spare time. The magazine seems to highlight his huge hands–wink wink. The question is was that ESPN’s idea or The Gronk just trying to solicit the ladies. I think we know the answer to that question. 

The last time we left off with The Gronk he was at a Superbowl party shirtless being spanked by a dude and offering to help Tim Tebow lose his virginity.

Since the winter The Gronk has been a busy boy:

In June he allegedly shaved his head for charity, or as I speculate, trying to make the best out of losing a drinking bet.

Also in June the Gronk was in Vegas hosting a topless pool party. As you can see the Gronk joined the Ladies and lost the shirt:

The Gronk made time this summer for an appearance on the Fox dating show The Choice confessing he enjoys a Ménage à Trois, but the rules forced him to select one:

Now back to the ESPN Body Issue. To prep for his shoot it looks like he did a lot of manscaping, but in this behind the sceans video he only cops to getting a pedicure:

Here are the rest of photo from Gronk’s shoot. How much longer before we see Gronk jr.?

This pose looks like the cover of a gay porno


The Gronk has some big feet!

Now how has the Gronk been getting himself ready for the 2012 football season this summer–I have no fucking idea–go read ESPN.

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