Halle Berry’s Daughter Lashes Out?

Gabriel Aubry

16k per month for a baby daddy? Seems about right when you’re a mega-rich movie star that makes a baby with a professional himbo. Alarm bells should have sounded for Halle Berry when her potential sperm donor said: “I’m a model.” Ding Ding Ding!!! It’s a hot guys way of saying, “I’m unemployed.” When you’re as good-looking as Gabriel Aubry how important is work anyways.


The Berry-Aubry’s are having one nasty divorce. So one wonders how is baby Nahla taking all this? I decided to interview her in my head and here is how it went:

Markatlarge:  How do you feel about your mommy paying 16k in child support.

Nahla: Did you see how good-looking my daddy is? My mommy is rich! She can afford good- looking DNA. She’s not gonna do me like Beyonce did Blue Ivy. Let’s hope for Blue’s sake she looks like her mother and sounds well–like her mother too. Sorry Jay Z don’t dig that music.

Markatlarge: Nahla your mother claims your daddy’s trying to make you white by straitening and highlighting your hair.

Nahla: People are taking this out of context–it’s just a little father-daughter bonding. He highlights and blows out my hair and I do the same to him. It’s play time–nothing nefarious. He’s very metrosexual.

But now that you mention it, I can’t figure why my mommy’s hair is straight and sun-kissed while mine is a bit on the nappy side. Mother-Nature can do funny things.

Markatlarge: Let’s change the subject what do you think of your step daddy,

Nahla: I love him. He’s just not as good looking as my dad–so what’s not to love. I’m pretty much guaranteed to be Halle Berry’s hottest off-spring. Olivier is good-looking, but my dad is hotter even after Ollie busted up my dad’s face. Thank god! I didn’t want to be the Khloe of the family.

Markatlarge: Speaking of the Kardashian how do you feel about Kim posing nude.

Nahla. No comment. My mother poses nude and wins an Oscar, a Kardashian poses nude and is jerk off material for some internet perverts. What was with all that oil on her, her ass looked like a Butter Ball turkey. Who was her stylist–Paula Deen?

Markatlarge: Your very funny baby Nahla. I hear you have to go, your mommy’s taking your to yoga, a Taylor Swift concert and dinner at Oprah’s house.

Nahla: What is things only white people do? Was that Jeopardy Question?

Markatlarge: You’re quite funny baby Nahla.

Well there you have it my fake interview with baby Nahla.


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