Has Donald Trump Jumped the Shark?

Has the millionaire megalomaniac lost his midas touch? The Donald’s Celebrity Apprentice is getting off to a very bearish start. In a group of mostly lackluster celebrities, the one with the highest expectations, Victoria Gotti, got the ax after the second episode.  Everybody, including me, thought Gotti was going to use her mob upbringing to whack her competition.

This season had high expectations, after last season’s mega battle between Nene Leakes and Star Jones and the coo coo craziness of Latoya Jackson and Gary Busey. But it’s a fizzle. Victoria, an incarnate of a “Real Housewives,” turned out to be lazy good-for-nothing blowhard acting if the show was beneath her. Even more troubling is she didn’t even bother to backstab, betray or battle with her fellow teammates to give any indication she might be interested in winning.

You knew you were in trouble when the highlight of the evening was when Gotti, a New York Post columnist, Googling the word medieval – she typed in: mid-evil. Google was so confused it returned the search “are you a moron?” I wasn’t surprised with by the misspell since it’s the Post after all—have you read it lately!

Trump has failed to recreate his climactic clashes of seasons past. If Trump had any sense he would have let Vicotoria stay in one more week and made her the project lead. It would have been must see TV to watch Gotti crash and burn as she tired to lead those ladies to a win. Instead we are left with a bunch of doldrum celebrities who will perform mundane tasks the rest of the season.

Donald might take note: the shark is smelling blood and might be getting ready to jump. As for me, I might be in one more week, then I’ll be firing this season’s Apprentice off my DVR.

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