Has American Idol imploded?

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The show once known as the Death Star for its rating dominance is getting trounced by its copy cat rival The Voice. How did Idol lose its Mojo? The deteriorating discourse between the judges doesn’t help matters. It’s clear Nicki and Mariah are barely tolerating each other, the interaction between them is almost zilch. Whether it’s a self-imposed fatwa or a mandate from the honchos at Idol the audience notices. Over at The Voice it seems like a love-fest compared to the dysfunction at idol. Fights on The Voice seem more like brother and sister squabbles than disagreements requiring beefed up security and threats of guns.

Idol desperate to say their alums are dominating the music industry have sunk to new lows. Rejected ex-Idol Colton Dixon popped up on last weeks result show with a 5 minute packages detailing why he’s mega successful. I’m always suspect of ones success when you have to take great pains explaining it to me. In this 5 minute montage I did learn Colton debuted at number one on the Christian/Gospel Digital Songs chart, but that’s about as easy to do as getting crabs on your first visit to The Bunny Ranch. Colton is also touring with the Grammy winning group Third Day or better known as ‘who are they?’ For all I know they could have won the Grammy for best spoken word. If you want to catch Colton opening for the even lessor known band Third Day their next two gigs will be at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Mississippi or Hope Presbyterian Church in Memphis–for real. How low has Idol sunk that they’re relegated to promoting acts at the local church potluck dinner.  #sad

Speaking of sad the same result show also included a forced duet with One Republic and Idol reject Katharine McPhee. The paring was about as natural as Velveeta. McPhee looked painfully out-of-place struggling to keep up with the lead singer’s vocals. It was almost as bad as McPhee portrayals of Marilyn Monroe in Smash. Smash’s version of Marilyn barely resembles the icon. Monore’s wispy vocals are replaced by a belting Broadway diva on steroids–think a young Patti LePone in a blond wig with massive cleavage. Regardless of how bad the show is I tune in each week, just like I do for Idol. Basically I’m Pavlov’s dog.

Check out this train wreck:

What’s going to keep the Death Star from going all Supernova? Hard to say but Idol can start by stop pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining. It’s clear the judges can barely tolerate each other, nobody thinks Colton Dixon is a mega-talent and Katharine McPhee has no place sharing the stage with an accomplished band. Stop trying to manufacture your successes it’s about as fake as the détente between Mariah and Nicki.


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