HBO’s Girls Triggers My Mid-Life Crisis!

HBO Girls Lena Dunham

There’s always a point in life when you question: “when do I become my parents?” It’s the point in life when you don’t get current music, you wont try newfangled gadgets and you think Facebook is a book of faces. Its happen to me! I don’t get Girls. The show is about a college-educated, lazy, self-centered millennial who feels entitled for everything in her life. She’s the product of a generation that has lavished her with praise her entire life for the slightest of accomplishments. Even the show, that is mediocre at best, wins numerous accolades–it’s reinforcement of the generation’s mantra: everybody is a winner. Will the coddling ever stop.

Other generations are revolting: Baby boomers think millennial want to be jobless. Gen Xers think millennials are cocky, don’t want to pay their dues and don’t work hard. The prevalent consensus is millennials are lazy. I read it all and thought it was bullshit. After all Mark Zuckerberg is a millennial who did pretty well for himself. I thought it was the classic case of when a person becomes their parent. But I was wrong Girls reinforces every stereotype written about millennial. Girls celebrates the laziness of the millennial generation.

Living in New York City I’m surrounded by people who thrive to be connected to the young. It’s of no shock to me everyone I approach about Girls loves it. To say you hate it means you’re old and out of touch, basically you have become your parents. The most dreaded thing a New Yorker can hear is that they’re old or out of touch. We do everything to avoid it including me. I slather my face with overpriced moisturizer, contort my body in yoga, kill my core in pilates, spin for hours to nowhere and lift heavy objects all to say young. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumble, Spotify all to stay in touch or at least I think so, but I can’t say I like Girls. I convinced in a couple of years everyone is going to look back on Girls and say, “WTF were we thinking.” Millennials will rise up and say, “that’s not us.” Post-millanials will admit to liking Girls as a misguided attempt to stay relevant. Or I could be completely wrong. Girls could go on to huge success hitting the big screen  with a bizarre plot about how Justin Bieber falls madly in love with Lena Dunham’s character. The two will fall in love in real life and have a herd of lazy babies. At which point in time I will have officially become my parents!


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