Huge Leak: Cher and Lady Gaga – UPDATED with GAGA Only Cut

gaga cher-1
Leaks are not just for the NSA: Cher and Lady Gaga’s duet leaks. Listen while it’s still up: 

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The Lady Gaga Demo Only Demo version!

Gaga, as the song writer, cuts a demo for Cher on how the song should be sung, then Cher cuts her track. It’s kind of cool to the process of how a song is made.

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 In case it’s down check out:

Oh guuurrrrl, Cher is pissed:

Who’s the real leaker:

Leaker UNCOVERED! British Socialite Accuses Lady Gaga of Stealing Everything From Her Look to Her Songs  Why hasn’t the single been released? Cher breaks that down for us too:

Maybe it wasn’t that British Socialite:


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