Hurricane Grace Demolishes New York

Sandy is not the only storm in town this week–Grace Jones blew the house down  at New York’s famed Roseland Ballroom this weekend. I’m still a bit dazed in its aftermath! The notorious diva of all divas who once kept her audience waiting till 6am then hit the stage, let say, not fully herself was flawless Saturday night. I’m sure the audience was a bit peeved back then, but if Grace Jones isn’t a little bit messy with a bit of bitchy thrown in for good measure–it’s just not the Grace Jones we love.

What’s cool about Grace is she didn’t only come to perform she came to party. The audience was sucked into the eye of her storm for every memorizing second when it was over we were left wanting more. The evening consisted of a barrage of costume changes, pole-dances and a few glasses of red wine for Grace while she belted out her hits. No background dancers, elaborate sets or LCD screens were needed, clearly Ms Jones wanted all the attention on her. And when the lighting guy put that in jeopardy by messing up his cues Ms Jones berated him in only the way she can. She naturally accused him of getting a blow job and referred to him as “mr. union guy.” Of course that made the already horny Grace Jones even hornier longing for a blow job too. Up until that point she reference her pussy and went on about how New York was bringing out her lesbian tendencies, so the last thing she needed was a blow job to get her off track.

I was lucky enough to be right up against the stage. And I had one of the coolest experiences of my life when Grace Jones jumped off the stage and pushed the microphone in front of my face during Pull Up to The Bumper–I screamed like a tone-deaf fool: Pull Up to The Bumper Baby.

Check me singing debut at the 3:49 mark:

One lucky guy got pulled up to dance with Grace, a few minutes into it her hand was down his pants. A $70 Grace Jones concert ticket, a $50 T-shirt, a $20 double vodka soda–Grace Jones touching your cock–priceless.

Now that’s an experience I’m sure he will never forget. It might had been a tad bit awkward though, Grace’s son was in her backup band. But if the shoestring covering Grace’s ass and vagina didn’t bother him–grabbing a guy’s cock was probably just an average day at the Joneses.

It’s one night I wont soon forget–Thank You Grace Jones


This was amazing – she missed her intro to La Vie En Rose creating one of the most memorable moments of the show:

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