I Love Nicki Minaj!

nicki_minaj_American_Idol_Late_FiredMmm Mmm Good… Nicki is like a Snickers bar: milk chocolatey goodness on the outside, delectably creamy on the inside with a just enough nuttiness mixed in for total satisfaction. Idol may have free-falling ratings, but it has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj–she’s delivering. You can’t take your eyes off her. I’m addicted to Nicki! I want to see a live feed just on Nicki streaming online. I don’t want to miss one bat of an eyelash. Everything from her animated expression to her off-the-wall critiques to her diva antics are fascinating.

One of Nicki’s more interesting critiques of the night:

Nicki started Idol’s top 10 performances week by arriving 15 minutes late and ended it by threatening to walk off the set. Now that’s a Diva! You know if Randy was 15 minutes late Idol would dock his pay, excuse him for the night and he’d have to clean the dressing rooms to get back on next week. When it comes to Nicki, Idol makes up some lame excuse about her getting caught in traffic. Idol knows better than to reprimand Nicki for her tardiness because for the first 15 minutes of the show all you could hear is DVRs fast-forwarding around America. Nicki is the reason people tune in…and she knows it. That’s why Ms. Diva has the balls to show up more than 15 minutes late. The honchos over at Fox are said to be “angry.” Really! Idol hired a diva and she’s acting like a diva so why is anyone be surprised?

Since Nicki’s delivering the goods Idol can’t really complain. Look how she spiced up the results show by threatening to leave. America gave the boot to Idol contestant Curtis Finch–and Ms. Minaj was not having it. She threatened to walk off the show if Curtis went home. It almost happened until she was coaxed back for Curtis’ last song where the judges had the opportunity to save him if they all agreed.

Nicki sat through negotiations looking so extremely pissed that the other judges even needed to discuss the matter. Clearly it was a no-brainer in Nicki’s mind but to her dismay the judges couldn’t agree. In all fairness Curtis was technically a talented singer but his artistry was not contemporary. Curtis’ style is probably more suited for the Susan Boyle or Michael Buble type fan base, not the American Idol voting audience. Regardless, Nicki turned a doldrums results show into a buzzed-about event lighting up social media. That’s why a judge gets paid the big bucks.

The big bucks might be short lived for Nicki. You get the sense that if the producers fuck with Nicki she will quit and tell them to shove the money up their asses. Not exactly what you would expect your average Joe to do, but it’s exactly what a true diva would do.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen since Nicki single-handedly created all the buzz this year. Idol would be much worse without her. She out Simon’ed Simon! #BringIt

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