Is Biden Obama’s Republican Wife?

Joe Biden came out very strategically for gay marriage on Meet The Press this week. Polling shows if a politicians supports gay marriage they will lose votes. So it’s best to play it safe and not support it if you’re a Republican or if you’re a Democrat in a conservative district (or the President) say you’re for civil unions, regardless of your true feelings. The problem is gay people don’t want civil unions, it just makes us feel like second class citizens.

A political trend is emerging among Republicans who don’t support same-sex marriage–have your spouse support it. A high profile list of Republican spouses are supporting same-sex marriage while their husband profess not to, the list includes, Eric Cantor’s wife Diana, Barbra Bush, and Cindy McCain.

Cindy McCain for the NOH8 Campaign

It’s important to note, not one sitting Republican member of Congress supports same-sex marriage, even though a recent Gallup poll showed 28% of Republicans do support same-sex marriage. It defies statistical probability that every Republican congress person doesn’t support marriage. What does that tell you? At least 28% of the Republican congress is lying. And propping up their spouse to support same-sex marriage is political ploy to give a glimmer of hope to those open minded Republicans that they might “evolve” on this issue. So was Biden remarks tailored to give a glimmer of hope or will the President fully evolve when the political pressure is off? Right now Biden is sounding very much like a Republican wife.


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