Is Matthew McConaughey Extreme Weight Loss For Real?

It’s tough to win an Oscar these days you either have to be mentally challenged (Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump), play gay (Sean Penn, Milk) or play gay and have AIDS (Tom Hanks, Philadelphia). Not many options for those who want to be guaranteed an Oscar nod. Matthew McConaughey made his choice, he will play a women-lovin’, homo-hatin’, AIDS-stricken man who struggles with the government to get non-FDA approved treatments in the Dallas Buyers Club.

McConaughey appears to have lost an un-healthy amount of weight for the role:

However, everyone is basing Matthew McConaughey extreme weight loss on his face, we really haven’t seen him shirtless lately. The last shirtless picture found was in August, showing McConaughey with a gaunt face, but a smokin’ hot body:

You photoshop a 20-something’s head on that body and suddenly that guy is on the cover of Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. The problem is after 40 (I might know for personal experience) you lose weight from your face first then your body (life is so unfair). Once I did a lemon cleanse losing 10 pounds, my body looked great, but the face looked emaciated. After I gained back 5 pounds or so I looked perfectly fine (albeit nowhere near as hot as McConaughey.) This whole brouhaha over McConaughey’s weight lost might be a bit of movie hype–a couple of cheese burgers after the shoot and McConaughey will probably be lookin’ just fine.

The irony to this story is McConaughey might not have had to go to such extremes to win an Oscar. McConaughey just received two Indie Spirit award nominations, an early indicator to the Oscar, for his work in Magic Mike and Killer Joe. All this extreme deprivation could be for not!

Will Magic Mike really win him an Oscar? Maybe. I watched Magic Mike on mute and fast forwarded to all the good parts over and over again. He surely deserves an Oscar for his “body of work.” As for Killer Joe, haven’t seen it yet.


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