Is Queen Elizabeth To Be More Feared Than The Taliban?

We all remember the overwhelming amount of support Prince Harry got when his royal bits were exposed on TMZ. Poll after poll continue to show Prince Harry has massive public support for his naked Vegas romp. A Facebook page was created called “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute.” It has over 65,000 members that can post semi-nude photos like this interesting fella:

I bet Harry is thrilled to have this gentleman’s support along with many others who bared it all as a sign of solidarity for his troubles.

Even celebrities got into the act with a flurry of supportive tweets:

A Media Mogul who’s networks act as a shill for the Republican party sends his supportive words:

A mediocre on-air talent jockeys for an invite to the Prince’s next party.

An aging billionaire playboy pleads for people to give the Prince his privacy:

A cracked-out musician praises the public display:

I’m not sure why Prince Harry needs such overwhelming support. What’s the punishment for a 27-year-old Prince who likes to party naked–one week confined to his palace with no TV.

On September 9th it was announced Prince Harry would be returning to Afghanistan to resume his tour of duty. On September 10th a Taliban spokesman told Reuters, “We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping.”

Based on all the support for Prince Harry’s naked romp in Vegas you would think there would be a huge outpouring of concern over a credible death threat against his life! Well you thought wrong. According to Google trends nobody cares, search traffic barely made a blip when it was reported Prince Harry was the prime target of the Taliban.

Well Google just represents the cold callus world. Surely the Prince’s pervy Facebook fans expressed their dire support on their semi-porn fan page for him. Nope, not one word on the page about the death threat against the third in line to the British Royal Crown.

To be honest I didn’t expect it from that bunch of exhibitionists. But, I’m sure the fine celebrities and business luminaries mentioned took time out of their busy schedule to wish Prince Harry well. Nope. Rupert, Piers, Branson or Courtney couldn’t find time to tweet Prince Harry a safe return home.

What does that tell you? The wrath of Queen Elizabeth is more fierce than the Taliban or the world is desensitized to war and way too hung up on nudity.

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