Justin Bieber at Strip Club – Patron or Performer? [NSFW]

It’s hard to tell from this picture if the Biebs is a Go-Go boy at an East Village twink bar or at a Texas Strip Club. Well it’s a strip club! Bieber and his bros had a little fun over the weekend at a Houston strip club.

The ladies weren’t the only ones showing the flesh as the night progress Bieber lost his shirt and his pants headed south. That was enough to turn DiamondsR4ever into a Belieber:



That’s pretty impressive coming from Diamonds! She’s a real woman and knows her way around a man—not a timid little pussy cat like Selena Gomez:


I don’t think Selena can compete with Diamonds–poor girl.

Bieber was at the club with his buddy boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The two are so engrossed conversations they miss the naked chick right next to them:

You know their conversation is going something like this:

Bieber: “Take off your shirt bro, it’s gonna look gay if I’m the only one doing it.”

Mayweather: “What the fuck is wrong with you.”

Bieber: “Come on bro, when they see are dope bodies they’re gonna be all up in our junk”

Mayweather: “You’re Justin Bieber–they’re going to fuck you always. And stop talking like a black person–douchbag.”

Boys will be boys!

The only one I feel bad for in this story is DiamondsR4ever–the bieliebers are going ape shit over this:




Those Bieber fans don’t mince words you betta watch your back gurl!


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